Magic Shop

Magic Shop buying window

Price Item Name Effects
$10 Glasses 5+ Smart
$20 Wacky Glasses 5+ Smart and Weird
$25 Wand 2+ Red Blue Green Black White Magic
$30 Tiara 10+ Cute
$50 Protective Gear 5+ Strength, 30+ to Red Magic
$50 Star Wand 5+ Red, Blue, Green, Black, White Magic, and Cute
$50 Wiggle Wand 3+ Red Magic, 6+ Blue and Green Magic, 5+ Black and White Magic, and 5+ Weird
$60 Amulet Give 30+ Black Magic
$95 Sextant 40+ Blue Magic
$100 Halo 35+ White Magic
$120 Furry Set 5+ Strength, 25+ Green Magic
$120 Fairy Wings 10+ Cute
$120 Bat Wings 10+ Weird

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