Hanako Games is an independent game company founded and mainly run by Georgina Bensley ("Hanako") that creates games with a tendency for female main characters centered around a fantasy theme. Many of the games available for download and/or purchase in the Hanako games website tend to be Visual Novels, Life Simulation and/or RPG's, with a notable animesque art style. A good number of her games also tend to be aimed towards girls and young women, however the quality of storytelling and gameplay has earned Hanako a sizeable male fanbase.

Hanako games is affliated with Winter Wolves, Tycoon Games and SakeVisual (which allows them to sell their games in said company's websites and vice versa). They also have a Facebook page and fans are encouraged to join the mailing list for recent news as well as game CD's sent to a fan's home.

Unlike many other game companies Hanako Games are downloadable and playable not just on PC's but also on Mac and Linux, depending on the game.

Other titles by Hanako Games include Cute Knight, Cute Knight Kingdom,  The Royal Trap, Fatal Hearts and Long Live the Queen.