• Take blue magic on the first day and tell Ellen you want something interesting on the ceiling +5 Weird

  • Sleep whole week path
    • If you sleep the whole first week (thus missing out on the above weird points), when receiving detention and demerits from Professor Grabiner, choose to BLUFF. +5 Weird
  • Don't Sleep whole week path
    • On the first Friday if you see Ellen going through Virginia's things find Virginia and say Ellen's stealing her underwear +5 Weird

  • Initiation path
    • Say Damien's teeth are like knives +5 weird, September 10th
  • Refuse Initiation path
    • Refuse to take part in Initiation +10 Weird, September 9th

  • Take gym during the fourth week, (September 23rd), and suggest "wind-up toys" for +5 weird.
  • For the first exam, September 27th, study only one subject, then when asked say detention may be good for +5 weird.
  • Sleep or study on Sept. 30 for an event with Donald. Choose "why are you doing this?", "I have a better idea", and "speak up" for +5 weird points. (The second option is not available if you had Ellen teach Virginia how to clean)

  • President Path
    • Do interpretive dance +10 Weird
    • Get +15 weird points if you choose "Crush my enemies", "Demand Perfection" and "Public Discipline". Choosing two of the three gets you +10 weird points.
  • Treasurer Path
    • Run for Treasurer with Grabiner as your campaign manager choosing "Lady Lampshade Head" as your name gives +5 weird points, October 7th.
    • Run for Treasurer with Grabiner as your campaign manager and tell Virginia you have a crush on him +5 weird, October 8th
    • Do interpretive dance +10 Weird
    • sell black candles +5 weird
  • Not President or Treasurer Path
    • No extra options

  • 2nd exam Detention Path
    • In the second exam, October 25th, attempting to jump over the pit without casting gets you a detention. During the detention, choosing "Can't you just spank me instead?" gives +5 weird.
  • Mall with Virginia Path
    • On October 26, going to the mall and suggesting that Virginia buy a banana gives +5 weird.

  • Initiation path (see above)
    • After Ellen gets rejected by William, November 1 , change the subject and say Virginia has a crush on Damien for +5 weird points.

  • If you dodge in stead of casting a spell in duel practice +5 weird
  • On Friday, December 13, wake everyone up for +5 weird points.

  • Ellen Christmas Card Path
    • choosing frogs with any card colour gives you +5 weird points.
  • Virginia Christmas Card Path
    • choosing a black or purple card with frogs give +5 weird points.

  • Send a FUNNY Valentine's Day card to Professor Potsdam. +5 Weird
  • If you fail studying late in the year (March or April) you can choose to blow off steam for +5 weird.

  • Virginia's Romantic Path
    • When seeing Virginia trying on makeup, suggest "clown" for her new look (+5 weird points), then when she agrees to go shopping with you, try on funny hats for +5 weird.
  • Grabiner's Romantic Path
    • You gain ten weird points when people start to gossip about the two of you in April.

Items Edit

  • Wearing Wacky Glasses +5 weird, $20
  • Using the Wiggle Wand +5 weird, $50
  • Wearing Bat Wings +10 weird, $120

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