The school holds an annual event to raise funds for a tribute they pay to the tribes for using their land. If you're treasurer, you're responsible for the tribute fund and Professor Grabiner will want to meet you on November 4 to discuss your plans.


When you speak to Professor Grabiner, you get an extra diaglogue option if your Smart is above 30. It's nice, but does not make any difference.

Then, you choose your strategy for the fundraiser. Taper candles always sell badly. So do black candles (but they give you +5 Weird)(May not always be true - used black pillar candles with cinnamon scent and they still sold well). Options which will result in success are:

  • White + Coconut
  • White + Pine
  • White + Peppermint
  • Red + Cinnamon
  • Green + Pine
  • Orange + Tangerine
  • Orange + Pumpkin
  • Pink + Peppermint (also gives 5 cute)
  • Red + Peppermint (Angela approves but insults you anyway)
  • Green + Peppermint (Angela approves but insults you anyway)
  • "Something else", i.e. organizing a raffle, IF your Smart is over 30.

The event itself takes place on November 23. If you're treasurer, you have to go off to the mall to man the tables.

Afterwards, Professor Grabiner takes you out for drinks. You gain 10 stress and then lose 5.

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