Doing bad things can end you up in detention.

There is also Achievements for ending up in detention once (Naughty) and five times (Delinquent).

Saturday cost how notes
September 7th 10 demerit Sleep all days first week Gain 1 point in each magic color.
September 14th 10 demerit Be in Red or Blue class at 12th Detention get Canceld by the truth
September 21st
September 28th
  • miss exam 1
  • 5 demerits
  • haven't taken at least one class of each magical subject
  • fail exam 1 using white (or green) magic with less then 25 Smart
  • Also gives 5 Weird
  • less then 5 in that color + 5 demerits, green magic +5 demerits
October 5th Stay in room On Sept. 30, let Donald leave the box and say nothing when she opens it, when confonted by Professor Grabiner, Choosing the wrong reply(exemple: attack him) when explaining.
October 12th
October 19th
October 26th 10 demerits Fail Exam 2, by jumping 5 Weird
November 2nd 10 demerits cast Spirit Sight in the Dark Dance
November 9th
November 16th none Defend Donald, after the giant dragon accedent
November 23rd
November 30th
December 7th 10 demerits Fail Exam 3 byt casting Sleep on self or lose all HP
December 14th
December 21st
December 28th
January 4th
January 11th 10 demerits Fail Exam 4, by losing all HP
January 18th none Accept invite to explore dungen with Donald
January 25th
February 1st
February 8th Lose Treasurer Title Fail exam 5, with 40 demerits while married
February 15th
February 22nd
March 1st
March 8th
March 15th
March 22nd
March 29th
April 5th
April 12th
April 19th
April 26th

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