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Damien Ramsey
Damien Ramsey
Basic Information
Name Damien Ramsey
Gender Male
Hair Purple
Eyes Purple
Skin Blue
Job Student at Iris Academy
Specie(s) Half-Demon
title(s) Senior Student
"Here, take my hand, I'll help you up."
—Damien to Player's Character at the freshman initiation

Damien is one of the five characters the heroine can date. He is a senior student from Falcon hall. If the heroine agrees to complete the initiation, he becomes her senior, and this launches his path.


As his 'parents' are human and he is not, there is some question about his actual family. His parents stopped coming to visit the school after his first year, and no one's been able to find out more.

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According to Damien, he's a changeling and he's never met his real parents. Maybe.


He's well known in the academy for leaving many girls weeping in the girl's bathroom for a good amount of years, and is disliked by much of the student population for many reasons. Was apparently the victim of bullying and fistfights during his first year of school.

He is not at all shy about the fact that he has had sex before, and will openly tell the player character that he is not ashamed of all the people he has been with. He used to date Angela, before she publicly broke up with him, which she will gleefully tell you when she sees you on a date with him later on in the school year. He also briefly dated Musette before she was expelled from the academy, although he couldn't tell you why she was expelled.

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He's apparently bisexual, if William's confession about their dating in their freshman year is any indication. If he isn't involved with the player character, there are rumors late in the year about him "taking advantage of a freshman boy". This may be another nod to his sexuality.


He gives off a rather mysterious vibe, or so the player's Character says in her diary. He delivers many warnings to be careful, that it's dangerous in Iris Academy, and that the teachers can't be trusted - but only in a very enigmatic way.

According to William he never goes out on school field trips, and doesn't take part in any clubs. He seems to spend most of his time flirting with girls.

He is a charismatic and talented actor all in all.


He's a talented wizard, and also has some secret knowledge of the Otherworld and magical rituals.

How to date him (tips and spoilers)Edit

Before the initiation, the heroine can meet him once in the gym.

  • Agree to take his hand when the initiation begins.
    Damien Ramsey - Initiation

    Damien at Initiation if the player character did not meet him the week before.

  • Agree to go out with him/spend time with him whenever he asks, and be nice and defend him if the oppurtunity arises.
  • Raise your cute stats.
  • You can think of him during Christmas, but Damien's path is possible without it.
  • When he asks you for something very important, agree to give it to him. Afterwards, keep quiet - neither love nor hate is the best answer.
  • Spirit Echoes spell will help to get a good ending with him. Hint: You'll have the oppurtunity to use it in the Gym, and it will be after the above point occurs where he asks for something important.
  • Agree to meet with him, and give him another chance..
  • To get an ending with him but avoid trouble with your friends, don't talk to Potsdam about him, but do put on the ring.
  • If you do talk to Potsdam about him, you can still get a good ending with him, just not as happy. And if you promise your friends that you'll never talk to him again (but then do so anyway), you'll get a trophy and a very dark ending.


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